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Post  Pyrosynthesis on Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:45 pm

The cover of the manhole scraped across the asphalt and a pallid hand gripped the edge as the creature lifted itself out. Her hair was auburn, curled but seemingly in tatters and absolutely filthy. The smell of the sewer pervaded the air, clinging to her like a sick perfume. Her boots clicked against the asphault and she pushed the manhole cover back into place, a sick grin crossing her mouth. Anya Kolov sniffed the air. Somewhere in the city, there was blood flowing. Somewhere in the city, there was an open buffet, and the chef was on the menu.

She slipped through the alleys, stealth and silent, eyes glimmering at the prospect of a kill. Strapped to her belt was a large and very wicked looking knife. It wasn't that she needed Joanna...but it was nice to have a companion. And even the freshest meat has some tough pieces that it's far easier to hack than to chew through.

There he was. The girl hadn't stood a chance. He had cut her deeply, and a cursory glance told Anya that the wound was fatal. He was going through her purse. Purple. Plastic. Surely she didn't have much. A moment later revealed this to be true. He had killed the girl for a compact full of make up, her cheap go-phone, and ten dollars. Hopefully that was worth a life to him.

Hopefully that was worth his life to him.

She was at his side in an instant, fangs piercing the base of his neck. For a moment, he tried to struggle, lashed out at her with his knife. She held him in place with one hand as the other broke his wrist. It was like snapping a twig. The hollow sounds coming from his throat filled her with a quiet glee. She always bit right where they couldn't scream. No sound would come out. And soon, he ceased his thrashing.

She took his knife and made a cut over where the puncture wounds on his neck were, simply rolled it across. He didn't have much left to bleed, and more than a cursory inspection would reveal it. But who was going to take that much time investigating the body of a drug addicted mugger found in some alleyway? The police had never questioned them all dropping dead before. Oh, no. With a satisfied smile, Anya turned on her heel and began to stroll away, as casually as though she had merely bought a pack of cigarettes, or a cheeseburger.

Mm. Cheeseburger. Hehe. Fast food delivered right to her front door. McMugger. Her favorite.

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[OOC2: Edit: ...oh dear god, I didn't mean to write this much. It's just an intro, I swear I won't do this every time.]

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